Our vision is to change the way the financial institutions implement decisions with access to real-time intelligent market data

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What we do

Apiro powers the possibility of real-time intelligent decisions for financial institutions in the cloud – removing the existing barriers to rapidly deploy complex market data products. The platform consolidates market data of any size, from external sources, creating an analytic experience that is both fast and agile for users, yet protected, managed and secured to minimize risk and enable accurate decisions.

Apiro enables extreme insights of combined data sources, all validated, clean and distributed in real-time. All in a delightful user experience with customizable filters to focus on specific data points.

It’s why, with Apiro, decisions are made accurately and efficiently – it’s a win. Apiro is about possibilities. And the possibilities are endless when you combine the world first Cloud based intelligent market data platform.

Who are we ?

We are the only cloud based intelligent market data platform on the market today. Our passion is helping you make accurate decisions — from our purpose-built personalization features to our world-class transactional performance, and support experts — we are always customer first.

Intelligent Dashboard

See a snapshot of all the data feeds, associated errors and sources in one easy to read page.

Highly Configurable Data Feeds

Ability to configure new data feeds in a matter of hours

Error Reporting

See all data sourcing, cleansing and data aggregation errors in one place

Core Features

Data Sourcing

Ability to introduce your own algorithms on the fly on your own cloud instance

Data Cleansing and Aggregation

Source financial instruments from any provider of any data format by using a runtime configurable mapping

Flexible integration with existing infrastructure

Integrate your Apiro cloud instance with your own internal workflow, logging and reporting and other modules

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