ApiroRates User course This course provides general overview of all the features of ApiroRates. The main purpose is to teach the end users how to effectively and efficiently use the system.

  • Trigger manual and automatic sourcing
  • Manual Rate Edit
  • Roll Forwards
  • Reporting and Yield Curves
  • Audit
  • Error handling
  • Logging
  • Distributions
  • Risk Factors
  • Dashboard
  • Yield Curves
  • Reporting
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ApiroRates Basic Configuration course This course teaches the basic configuration features that ultimately affect the behavior of the system. Configuration is done on the fly with zero down time. Prerequisite: ApiroRates User courseConfigure new sources and connectors

  • Data mapping configuration
  • Configure existing validators
  • Configure existing data cleansers
  • Configure existing enrichment algorithms
  • Configure existing distributions
  • Configure data feed validation
  • Configure aggregation algorithms
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ApiroRates Advanced Configuration This course teaches advanced configuration. It teaches users the extremely configurable features of all aspects of ApiroRates. The advance configuration enables ApiroRates to introduce new validators, cleansers etc at runtime with zero downtime. Prerequisite: Basic Configuration course, JSON knowledge

  • Add new source feed formats
  • Add new validators
  • Add new data cleanser
  • Add new data post processors
  • Add new aggregation algorithms
  • Add new data format readers
  • Scriptable entities
ApiroRates APIs This course is targeted specifically to technical people with programming skills. It provides in depth knowledge of the ApiroRates APIs that enable external systems to seamlessly integrate with ApiroRates by sending and receiving messages. Prerequisite: Advanced Configuration, Java, Javascript knowledge

  • Scriptable entities
  • Workflow API
  • Audit API
  • Downstream Systems API
  • Distribution API
  • Reporting API
  • Event API